Antonio Conte leaves Inter Milan after 2 years

Antonio Conte leaves Inter Milan as the club is struggling financially. Confirmed by Fabrizio Romano. Conte has transformed the club in his 2 years stint as the Nerazzurri’s head coach. But, he has to go now as his vision for the next season can not be fulfilled by Inter. Conte wants new players in some positions so that Inter can have success in the UEFA Champions League next season. But, the Suning don’t have enough funds for that. In fact they are looking to sell some players and generate around 80 million euros to help them financially. They also have to cut the wage bill by 15 to 20%.

Conte wanted to have his main players safe in the transfer market. But the Suning will not be able to do that and hence Conte has decided to part ways. However, the board says that only one big player will leave and not many as said by some other reports. They also assured everyone that the club is still very ambitious.

Antonio Conte leaves Inter today

Conte will get around 7 million euros as he terminates his contract. Inter are acting quickly to end the formalities so that they can plan with their future manager. They are keen in Max Allegri as Beppe Moratta contacted him as soon as he knew about Conte’s departure. However, Allegri is also a target for Juventus. They want him back at their club. Another option for Inter is Simone Inzaghi whose contract with Lazio has expired.

The fans are very angry and are protesting in Milan as soon as the news broke out. It will be tough for Inter to replace him as he has done so much for the club. All players love him and have improved under him. Especially Lukaku who also sent him a farewell message.

Mangalam Pugalia: Mangalam is a football nerd who contributes as a match analyst at THE INTER WAY. He admires Antonio Conte’s system and can predict what the Nerazzurri manager will do next.
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