Are Suning slowly destroying Inter from within?

Are Suning slowly destroying Inter from within? The Nerazzurri will have to again sell a key player in the summer, as Suning have to balance the books. With the pandemic slowly coming to an end, Inter got revenue from ticket sales and other things. Also, the market has improved after the lockdown, but still, Suning want around €70 million as net profit from this window. Inter can not keep on competing in every competition if they have to sell their key players every summer.

Last year, Inter lost two of their most valuable players as Hakimi and Lukaku went for a good amount. Eriksen too left the club, yet Inter got a domestic double this season and lost Scudetto by two points. However, it will be tough for Inter to repeat this every year as it is tough to find replacements for key players. Also, they will have to sell more players if they wish to buy new players, as Suning are not going to invest much this season.

Are Suning slowly destroying Inter Milan?

Many fans want Suning to sell the club as they can not invest much in Inter because of some Chinese government regulations. Their hands are tied, but they are not willing to sell the club as they keep taking profits from Inter. Many offers have come, but they are reluctant to sell the club, which can harm Inter in the long run. Many top clubs in Europe are spending a lot and making their teams stronger every year. Inter will not be able to compete with these teams if they keep giving away their star players.

Recently, a significant offer came for Inter, but the Suning did not accept as they wish to continue. They have helped Inter in past by investing, but Inter are now in a crucial stage.

Mangalam Pugalia: Mangalam is a football nerd who contributes as a match analyst at THE INTER WAY. He admires Antonio Conte’s system and can predict what the Nerazzurri manager will do next.
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