Conte unhappy with Sanchez after semi-final defeat

Conte unhappy with Sanchez after semi-final defeat

Conte unhappy with Sanchez after the Chilean fails to score in front of goal. Sanchez was sidelined due to injury in the past few matches. He made a start in the semi-final match against Juventus but his performance was not the finest. Sanchez joined Inter on loan in the 2019-20 season and made his debut for the club in a match against Udinese. Inter won by 1-0 in that match.

Furthermore, he permanently joined Inter on a three-year deal on a free transfer. He scored his first goal in a match against Sampdoria where Inter won by 3-1. Sanchez is 32 and has played for massive clubs like Barcelona, Arsenal, and Man United. The striker has abundant experience in the game. However, Sanchez sustained an injury back in August last year and hasn’t been very impressed with his numbers since. In fact, his figures did not do justice to his reputation where he rounded up just five in 45.

Conte unhappy with Sanchez

Conte unhappy with Sanchez, says,’ his numbers must be better’

Conte favours a set of players. Only a certain amount of players make it into the list. Thus, Sanchez has got the opportunity to make starts for the Nerazzurri. The Chilean has scored just 2 goals in his last 13 appearances. This led to Conte’s rant in front of the media. The Nerazzurri boss said that Sanchez must become selfish now and get better with his numbers. Conte’s frustration was evident in his interview with the Italian media as he talked about Sanchez.

Conte found balance with his team before his star player, Romelu Lukaku sat out due to suspension. The Nerazzurri are going through multiple troubles currently. While the financial struggle is inarguable, Conte was achieving the desired results with his squad playing persistently well. However, Sanchez came in the absence of Lukaku and the results did not go their way. In fact, Conte believed that his squad gave away easy points to Juventus. Sanchez also was in talks for a potential transfer to Roma but the deal did not work out. Will he pay heed to his manager’s words? The bigger question is, will the Nerazzurri reach the finals after all the hard work?

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