Eriksen to be given heart starter after collapsing

Eriksen to be given heart starter after collapsing

Eriksen to be given heart starter after the 29-year old collapsed on the field in the match against Finland. The incident sent shockwaves in the football world. The Danish midfielder is the captain of the national team and his collapse put a pause on the match. The Danish players could not hold their tears watching the captain fall unconscious on the ground. Further, his reports revealed that he suffered a cardiac arrest. In fact, Eriksen’s doctor revealed that it was a very moving moment for him when the 28-year old replied.

The doctor also revealed that in medical emergencies like this, it’s rare to have success. However, after a heart massage and CPR, Eriksen opened his eyes and talked to his doctor. That’s when the doctor took Eriksen to the hospital. Since the Danish midfielder was in his senses and could respond normally. Soon after, he posted an update on social media and looked happy. Fans finally took a breath of relief after the update as the stadium had turned completely silent at the moment.

Eriksen to be given heart starter

Eriksen to be given heart starter, will stay at the hospital to get more tests

The 29-year old will have a heart restarting device to monitor his heart rate. Plus, the device will also help with any fluctuations in the heart rate. Eriksen is too young for an incident like this and so he has decided that he will undergo further checks to know the main cause. After consultation from several doctors, he will have an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator.

Furthermore, Belgium have decided to give respect to Denmark and Eriksen in their next match. They will throw the ball out of play in the tenth minute as 10 is Eriksen’s jersey number. The Belgium boss Roberto Martinez said that it would be a tribute to football and Christian Eriksen as the stadium will have full capacity.

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