Inter can face legal actions after Super League drama

Inter can face legal actions after Super League drama

Inter Milan can face legal actions after they got out of the European Super League project. The documents reveal that Inter are and other clubs who signed the contract can face legal actions. As reported by  Financial Times. Inter were one of nine clubs who got out of the Super League on Wednesday. The league got hate from fans, pundits, players and many clubs.

Furthermore, the remaining European Super League clubs, Real Madrid, Juventus and Barcelona have an option to sue those who are quitting in an attempt to enforce the deal. So, it remains unclear to what liabilities these clubs would face for choosing to withdraw.

Inter can face legal actions

Inter can face legal actions because they withdrew from the Super League

Hence, Inter Milan and other clubs are not entirely in the clear. Although it seems highly unlikely that other clubs would take such a big action. Because, then they would have had to face a far heavier sanction. If they had suspended the project once it got started. These clubs would have had financial debts worth hundreds of millions of euros in that regard. They have an agreement with the exit clauses to keep them in the league once money was there to fund it. So, all the European Super League clubs would also have been asked to pay back the money they received for accepting the invite. The Nerazzurri and other clubs got €3.5 billion. JP Morgan gave this amount.

Now, these sanctions with the exit clauses appear to be dependent on money flowing to the teams. This has never happened because the project only started three days ago. Man United, Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, AC Milan, Atletico Madrid and Inter Milan got together in getting out of this European Super League. Between the Tuesday night and the Wednesday morning.

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