Suning to continue as owners of Inter Milan

Suning to continue as owners as they have decided to stay. Previously the Zhang family were in splits and could not make a decision. Bellinazzo spoke last night on YouTube channel Il Verbo del Vate.

“The situation at Inter has been much calmer now, and not only in a sporting sense”, Bellinazzo said. “A few hours ago, Suning confirmed their intention to remain as the club’s main owner. “They will continue their search for a lender or a minority shareholder who can take over LionRock Capital’s stake, or perhaps a bit more. “But Suning will not sell a majority stake at Inter. “They want to remain Inter’s main owners unless an offer worth €1 billion arrives. But there are no offers of that nature and there never have been.“Suning are looking at various dossiers that are now on the table for a hybrid operation model.

Suning to continue as owners, as BC Partners have lost interest

BC Partners have been linked with investing in Inter for nearly three months now, but there has been no talk of any progress in recent weeks. Bellinazzo explained why the British-based private equity group’s negotiations with Suning had fallen flat. “Suning’s talks with BC Partners ended when the parties could not agree on a valuation for Inter, he revealed. “And as the weeks have passed Suning’s situation has been clearing up, thanks in part to the sale of shares in “Inter’s league form has pushed them to want to recoup the investments they’ve made in the club worth over €700 million (by remaining in charge). “It would have been absurd for Suning to lose the club at a time like this.”

Now Inter will be looking for the best partner which can guarantee a loan of between €250-300 million. So that they can reach the end of the season.

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