Conte has the best points average in Serie A

Conte has the best points average in Serie A

Conte has the best points average in Serie A as he draws close to his fourth Serie A win as a coach. The Nerazzurri boss is at the top of Serie A rankings in the three points per win era. Further, he is at 2.26 while former Inter boss Jose Mourinho stands at 2.18. Conte has helped many players like Barella and Lukaku in their development in Serie A. He deserves credit for Inter’s ranking in Serie A.

At one point, Conte was criticized as the midfield was struggling at Inter towards the end of the last season. However, Inter have improved with their performances ever since. As Conte and Eriksen’s differences subsided, the squad had another midfielder to rely on. In fact, Eriksen played the role with utmost responsibility. While Conte is a manager now, he was once a player. The Nerazzurri boss was a midfielder himself. He started his career in football with Leece before Giovanni Trapattoni signed him in 1991. He considers the former Juventus boss as his second father.

Conte has the best points average

Conte has the best points average in his coaching career in Serie A

With Conte on top and Jose Mourinho in the second position, Massimiliano Allegri, Andrea Pirlo, and Maurizio Sarri complete the top five. Conte recently completed 500 matches in his career as a coach. He started his career as a manager in the year 2006. The first 2 clubs he lead were Bari and Siena. In 2011, he started managing Juventus where he first implemented his 3-5-2 system. He helped them win three Serie A titles.

The Nerazzurri boss completed his 500 matches when Inter won against Torino. Inter are Serie A favorites at the moment with the teamwork and hard work they’ve shown. On top of that, they have won eight matches consistently this season, with 11 games left. They are leading the Serie A table by 6 points with 11 games to go.

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