Dumfries and Dimarco return will improve Inter’s wing play

Dumfries and Dimarco return will improve Inter’s wing play

Inter Milan’s wing play could receive a huge boost with the return of Federico Dimarco and Denzel Dumfries. The recent Serie A draw against Genoa highlighted the absence of the lethal duo in the wide areas, with Genoa’s wingbacks effectively countering Inter’s Carlos Augusto and Matteo Darmian. While not disastrous, the performance of Inter’s wingbacks lacked the desired impact, limiting their ability to impose influence centrally. Inzaghi’s style of play depends a lot on his wide players, and the duo could live up to his expectations.

In the upcoming clash against Verona, the reintroduction of Dimarco and Dumfries could reshape Inter’s approach. Dimarco was out due to a thigh problem against Genoa but he will be returning to offer a significant creative dimension on the left flank. His adept passing, crossing ability, and proficiency in tight spaces make him a valuable asset in receiving the ball in advanced positions. Also, his positional awareness helps him to get back or intercept the balls going in the wide channel.

Dumfries and Dimarco return

Dumfries and Dimarco return will boost Inter’s flanks

Dumfries, who made a comeback off the bench against Genoa while recovering from injury, is expected to start against Verona. The Dutch wing-back has explosive acceleration and intelligence in timing his attacking runs. Dumfries will pose a substantial behind Verona’s defensive line as he darts forward the second he finds some space. The dynamic partnership of Dimarco and Dumfries has already been integral to Inter’s optimal performance on the flanks. Hence, their return should help to rejuvenate the Nerazzurri’s wing play.

As Inter faces Verona, the availability of Dimarco and Dumfries could be a game-changer, providing the team with the necessary width, creativity, and attacking ability to overcome defensive setups effectively. Inter Milan fans are also eagerly anticipating the impact of these influential wingbacks on the team’s overall performance.

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