Inter have lost key players, says Criscitiello

Inter have lost key players, says Criscitiello

Criscitiello feels that Inter will struggle to defend their Scudetto title this season as they have lost key players. He wrote it on He says that Inter will find it difficult in the upcoming season as they are going with a new manager. Conte is a proven match-winner and due to his departure, Inter might lose their title and Juventus can once again go up and win the Serie A. Also, Juventus will bring some new players this season which can strengthen their squad.

Inter have lost Hakimi to Paris Saint Germain this season who was a key player in their lineup last season. So now they will have to look for an appropriate replacement for him. It will be tough to find a player like Hakimi with a low budget but Inter have their eyes Emerson Royale from Barcelona. Also, they have made contact with Hector Bellerin’s agent. They also have few other players on their radar but of course, none of them can match the quality of Hakimi.

Inter have lost key players

Inter have lost key players and will struggle in Serie A, says Criscitiello

Inter will also have to play without Eriksen who might not play this season because of his health issues. He was important for Inter this year. Eriksen was providing the creative and accurate passes which Inter lacked. But Inter have signed Hakan Calhanoglu to replace him. He is slightly different from Eriksen but he is a quality player. He forms perfect combinations with the forwards and links well with other teammates to move the team forward. Also, he has a powerful shot from distance and is a constant threat from outside the box.

Criscitiello feels that Allegri can make Juventus champions again as Inter do look a bit weak from last season. The Nerazzurri will be eager to respond to his comments on the pitch soon.

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