Inter optimistic to extend Lukaku’s loan deal

Inter optimistic to extend Lukaku’s loan deal

Inter Milan are optimistic to extend Lukaku’s contract from Chelsea. The Nerazzurri are now willing to keep Lukaku, as the Belgian striker is returning to form. However, they will have to negotiate with Chelsea as the Blues will increase the loan fee. Inter Milan will not be able to sign Romelu Lukaku permanently. But Lukaku is not in Chelsea’s plan anymore, as they have signed other players. However, the Blues are still struggling and could keep him if Inter do not meet their demands.

The Nerazzurri fans were excited to have Lukaku back, as he was their key player when Inter won Scudetto. However, Lukaku had a terrible season with Chelsea and was not in the right shape. Lukaku had to struggle with serious injuries and was out for most of the games. Also, Lukaku was not in his usual form when he played some games. Lautaro and Dzeko played most of the games for Inter.

Inter optimistic to extend Lukaku's
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Inter Milan are optimistic to extend Lukaku’s deal soon

The Belgian striker is now getting back into form, as he has scored a couple of games in the last two games. Lukaku helped Inter to get a lead against Porto in the Champions League. The Belgian striker came in clutch, as he scored the only goal in the first leg. Hence, Inter are ready to trust Lukaku again and give him another loan deal. But Lukaku will have to stay consistent and perform well in every game.

Lukaku does not want to return to Chelsea as he had his worst season with the Blues. So he will try everything in his power to stay at Inter and has said the same to his lawyers. Also, the Belgian striker has a good relationship with his teammates and the manager. He has said that the Nerazzurri fans will always stay in his heart.

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