Inzaghi’s new tactics helped Inter’s backline

Inzaghi’s new tactics helped Inter’s backline

Inzaghi’s new tactics against Barcelona was effective, and he could use them more against bigger opposition. The Nerazzurri are having a tough season and are struggling in defense as they have conceded around 13 goals in Serie A. But Inter can now improve as Inzaghi has found a solution to help the back three. He decided to lower his defensive line, and have a more compact block. It made Inter’s back three look the same as they were under Conte during the Scudetto-winning season.

Barcelona have fast wingers, who can hurt Inter on the break. But Inzaghi decided to have a deep defensive line that did not give them the space to run into. Also, this time both the wing-backs were tracking back to help the back three by covering the wide regions. Despite missing Brozovic, Inter had a much better game defensively as they finally kept a clean sheet. Moreover, Onana between the posts helped Inter as the former Ajax keeper is more active. He was punching away the crosses in the box and had more control over the ball.

Inzaghi's new tactics

Inzaghi’s new tactics will help Inter in defense this season

When Simone Inzaghi took over Conte, he got rid of the rigid system, giving players more freedom to express themselves on the pitch. But he also installed possession-style gameplay, which required a high line. However, in big games, Inter have failed to come on top, and a more pragmatic approach like against Barcelona can be the right way to go.

The Nerazzurri are facing two important games this week, and Inzaghi should stick with his current game plan. Sassuolo are lethal on the counter as well, so Inter should keep a lower line to help their defense. Moreover, Onana should be used more often as he keeps the backline intact and helps when the opposition applies pressure.

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