Lukaku separated Onana and Brozovic in training

Lukaku separated Onana and Brozovic in training

Lukaku separated Onana and Brozovic as they both had a spat during training. Inter Milan’s preparation before the all-important Benfica clash heated up, but Lukaku managed to calm the players before it escalated. The Nerazzurri are going through a rough patch domestically, but they have been a completely different side in the Champions League this season. Their success so far in UCL has kept Inzaghi at the helm, but the Italian manager has to keep things in control off the pitch.

The Nerazzurri were warming up, and a pass came to Brozovic. Onana chased down the ball and somehow collided with the Croatian midfielder. Both appeared to be furious and were ready to exchange blows. However, Lukaku came in time to settle things down, as he took Brozovic to the other side. The heart of the matter is yet unknown, but this is a worrying sign as Inter are getting ready for one of the most important games this season.

Lukaku separated Onana and Brozovic

Lukaku separated Onana and Brozovic as the duo got heated

Both Brozovic and Onana have had disciplinary issues this season, and are tough characters to manage. But Simone Inzaghi was not seen when the duo got heated in training. The Italian manager has been under scrutiny for not managing his players properly and will have to take care of his players off the pitch as well.

Brozovic has faced some indiscipline actions in training this season, as he got some penalties before. The Croatian midfielder is looking to leave the Nerazzurri as he wants a change. Also, his relationship with the club has deteriorated after not getting enough game time. While Cameroon evicted Onana as he disagreed with their head coach. The Cameroonian keeper argued over tactics in the World Cup, so they sent him back to Milan. The former Ajax keeper then decided to retire from international football.

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