Man City eye Lukaku as Aguero’s replacement

Man City eye Lukaku as Sergio Aguero’s replacement. However, the Argentine footballer is struggling with injuries for the past few months. Thus Man City are looking for a long-term replacement for their star player. And Lukaku can fit into the role for Man City as Aguero’s contract will end this season. Man City are ready to propose a €200 million deal to bag Lukaku.

Former Man City coach, Roberto Martinez recognized Lukaku’s natural abilities, giving him the space to run. Furthermore, he did not ask Lukaku to knock down the balls and play on the field. In fact, he successfully played as a right-winger for Belgium’s quarter-final victory over Brazil in the 2018 World Cup. However, after he returned to Man United, Jose Mourinho positioned him in a way that restricted Lukaku from playing his natural game.

Man City eye Lukaku post his success at Inter

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer replaced Mourinho in December 2018 and believed that Lukaku is not suitable for his system. So, United ended up selling the Belgian footballer at the first possible opportunity. However, the irony is that Lukaku would’ve thrived under the fast and fierce system of Solskjaer.

However, Lukaku’s move to Inter has proved to be the finest choice for him. The Belgian footballer has scored a majestic 51 goals in just 73 appearances under Conte’s leadership. Instead of being used as the only frontman, Lukaku is partnered with Martinez, with the freedom to drive towards the goal. This is literally the season of his life. In fact, Inter has a chance to win the Scudetto this season and Lukaku is a crucial player for them. The Belgian footballer sustained a thigh injury against Shakhtar. While it was a minor muscle pull, his absence has always pulled the win away from Inter. Inter would never want to let go of Lukaku, but will Lukaku consider the offer?

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