Mourinho was furious when Mkhitaryan joined Inter

Mourinho was furious when Mkhitaryan joined Inter

Former AS Roma coach Jose Mourinho reportedly was furious when Henrikh Mkhitaryan decided to join Inter Milan on a free transfer. The relationship between the two was not always smooth during their tenure at Manchester United from 2016 to 2018. Hence the Armenian midfielder decided to eventually move to Arsenal mid-season, with Alexis Sanchez going the other way.

However, any past conflicts seemed resolved when they reunited in Rome in 2021. Mkhitaryan quickly became a key player under Mourinho’s guidance. He was a significant player to lead the team in the UEFA Conference League in 2022. Despite this success, Mkhitaryan departed Roma when his contract expired in the summer. The Special One used to rely on the Roma captain for many things

Mourinho was furious when Mkhitaryan

Mourinho was furious when Mkhitaryan decided to leave Roma

His move to Inter Milan, as per the reports, angered Mourinho, who believed Mkhitaryan still had much to offer Roma. Nevertheless, Mkhitaryan’s performances at Inter proved Mourinho’s assessment correct. He became a vital component of Simone Inzaghi’s tactical setup, notably in the 3-5-2 formation. Inter rewarded Mkhitaryan’s impact with a contract extension until 2026 earlier in the season. This weekend, Mkhitaryan will face his former club as Inter travels to Rome to take on Roma at the Olimpico Stadium. It marks his fourth encounter against Roma since leaving the club.

In previous seasons, Mkhitaryan began both matches on the bench, but this time, he is expected to feature prominently in the starting lineup. He will like to replicate his role from the reverse fixture at San Siro. As the clash approaches, Mkhitaryan’s presence adds an intriguing subplot to the match. Mourinho likely keeping a close eye on his former player’s performance. The 35-year-old midfielder’s journey from Mourinho’s disappointment to becoming a key player in Inter’s squad highlights the influence of players like Mkhitaryan in modern-day football.

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