Nerazzurri have secured Serie A title, says Christian Vieri

Nerazzurri have secured Serie A title, says Christian Vieri

Nerazzurri have secured Serie A title, says ex-Inter forward Christian Vieri. The Italian said that the game against Parma and Torino played the role for Inter. Further, he said that even after not being at their best, they pulled through these games. And with 10 games ahead of them, the Scudetto is almost theirs to lift. With tonight’s match against Sassuolo, they can get an 11 point lead against AC Milan. In fact, even after not giving their best performances in the recent weeks, they’ve managed a 9 game winning streak.

Inter have been on their best move and with a little luck on their side, they’ve been unstoppable. Further, the Nerazzurri have faced a number of ups and downs the past year. Amidst financial struggles, Inter also dropped out of the European League. Plus their oldest shirt sponsors, Pirelli are leaving the club after this season. They are Inter’s sponsors since the 1995-96 season. Nonetheless, ex-Inter striker Julio Cruz warned the Nerazzurri. He said that Inter should continue the efforts and not take this lightly.

Nerazzurri have secured Serie A title

Nerazzurri have secured Serie A title, Christian Vieri doesn’t want to jinx it

Vieri was born in Italy but at a very early age, he shifted to Australia with his family. However, he came back to Italy to pursue his professional career. And he spent a large part of his life playing in Serie A. He was considered as one of the best strikers in Europe at one point.

It led to him becoming the world’s most expensive player in 1999. Inter paid €43 million to Lazio to secure his services at the time. Vieri played for 12 clubs in his football career. Although he started his career with Torino in 1991, his most successful spells came with several other clubs. These included Inter Milan, Juventus, Atletico Madrid, and Lazio. He referred to the games against Torino and Parma as ‘dirty’ games.

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