Reasons behind Inter and Brozovic rift this season

Reasons behind Inter and Brozovic rift this season

Marcelo Brozovic could leave the club in the summer, and there are several reasons behind his rift with Inter Milan this season. The Croatian midfielder is no longer a regular starter in the Nerazzurri, so he is looking for a move soon. He was a key player in Inzaghi’s system, but Calhanoglu has excelled in his position, which leaves him on the bench for crucial games. Moreover, his injury issues has been a major concern for the Nerazzurri.

Brozovic had an injury for the most part in the first half of the season. The Croatian recovered in time for the World Cup and played well at the highest level. However, his injury issues resurfaced after his return to Inter. Meanwhile, Calhanoglu showed his brilliance in the number 6 position. Hence, Brozovic did not get enough chances after his return from injury. The Croatian midfielder does not want to be a second option, so he is looking to move to a club that gives him more game time.

Reasons behind Inter and Brozovic rift

The main reasons behind Inter and Brozovic rift revealed

Brozovic’s choice of a personal physiotherapist is another reason for Inter’s frustration. Andreja Milutinovic is a Serbian physiotherapist helping Brozovic. But Milutinovic is closely associated with AC Milan, which annoys Inter. Also, Milutinovic has not worked well with the Croatian midfielder, as he is struggling to fully recover from his injury. It limits Brozovic’s capabilities on the field, and he has been playing cautiously.
Borozovic’s poor attitude and negative body language are other reasons behind his poor relationship with Inter. The Croatian midfielder has been hard to manage this season, as he complains a lot on the pitch. Also, he was fined for some disciplinary issues during the team training. Inter do not want a player that demotivates and brings negativity to the dressing room hence they are willing to sell him.

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