Suning denies stopping stadium project as per reports

Suning denies stopping stadium project as per reports

Suning denies stopping the stadium project. As reported by the Corriere Dello Sport’s edition. Suning’s intention is to continue the project with AC Milan. They want to complete the project as soon as possible. Inter has hit out at comments made by Mayor Sala that its new stadium project with rival AC Milan is at a “standstill”, due to the uncertainty over the Italian Serie A football club’s ownership.

Progress on the ‘Nuovo Stadio Milano’ project has stalled of late. So Inter were feeling the need to respond to comments made by Sala yesterday. “Until Inter in particular clarifies their fate, things must be at a standstill for us,” Sala said. Suning hit back promptly with an angry statement of their own. Also, the reason they said that is because they believe they were always clear with the club. Also, they have never explicitly said that they want to sell the club. In fact, they want to stay in charge beyond this season.

Suning denies stopping stadium project

Suning denies stopping stadium project with AC Milan

Inter said in a statement: “FC Internazionale Milano has a glorious history of over a hundred years. It existed before Mayor Sala and will continue to exist after his mandate ends. “We find the statements of the Mayor of Milan offensive to the ownership. It is disrespectful to the history and reality of the club and its millions of fans in Milan and around the world. Also, it is irrelevant to the current process of the Nuovo Stadio Milano project”. Further irritation comes from the fact that the go-ahead should have been given in the early part of this year. But, it has still not arrived.

In recent weeks, Inter and Milan have already given the new documents on the stadium project to the council. This included things regarding the quantity and quality of the spaces that will remain in public use, plus updates on the other aspects of the scheme.

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