Thuram on why he chose Inter Milan over PSG

Thuram on why he chose Inter Milan over PSG

Marcus Thuram weighs in on why he chose Inter Milan over Paris Saint Germain in the summer transfer window. The French forward decided to join Inter as a free agent after considering crucial things for his career. Thuram knew he would get a more central role at Inter, something he wanted to excel in his career. Also, the Nerazzurri were looking for a main front-line striker to partner with Lautaro at the front, and Thuram was always on their radar.

Thuram had interest from PSG, and a move to France would have been more natural to him. But the former Gladbach striker decided to move to Italy as he knew this move would help him evolve as a player. In an interview with L’Equipe, Thuram explained his learning growth in Serie A. The French forward said he has to hold the ball and pass to midfielders. Also, Inzaghi has instructed him to attack spaces behind the defense to free up space for Lautaro. Thuram has become an integral part of the team since his joining.

Thuram on why he chose Inter

Thuram elaborates on why he chose to move to Inter

The Nerazzurri are enjoying Thuram’s instant impact in the forward line as the French forward is complementing Lautaro brilliantly. Thuram was full of praise for the Argentine forward as he is learning to be calm in front of the goal. The former Gladbach striker likes how Lautaro has the instinct to finish in the final third. Also, Thuram said that he is learning from Alexis Sanchez and Marko Arnautovic as well.

The French forward said that Sanchez’s resilience inspires him. He said that the Chilean striker refuses to stop and is always on the move. Also, Thuram praised how Arnautovic moves and finds spaces in the defenses. He likes Arnautovic’s movement in the final third as the former Bologna striker places himself well.

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