Bastoni says Inter is now at their best now under Inzaghi

Bastoni says Inter is now at their best now under Inzaghi

Defender Alessandro Bastoni believes that Inter Milan, under the leadership of Simone Inzaghi, are at their best. The Italian manager’s third year at Inter has witnessed a journey marked by triumphs and challenges since his arrival from Lazio in the summer of 2021. On the positive side, Inter won consecutive domestic cup competitions and notably reached the Champions League final last season. However, they missed out on lifting the trophy against Manchester City. However, Inzaghi’s squad has not tasted the success in Serie A. There was a near-miss in his debut season and a considerable gap from champions Napoli in last year.

The ongoing season, however, shows a different picture, with Inter exhibiting formidable form in the league. Bastoni acknowledges this as the making year for Inzaghi and Inter to silence critics by going for the Serie A title. The confidence derived from reaching the Champions League knockouts for a third successive season adds to their belief.

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Bastoni says Inter is now at their best after last year’s success

When asked about the team’s strength under Inzaghi in an interview, Bastoni says that they are aware of their capabilities, as they have collective experience of the group over several years. The boost from the Champions League final in Istanbul has given them a great form. The team want to continue in the same direction.

Also, Bastoni emphasizes the need to remain at their best, indicating instances against Sassuolo and Bologna where lapse in concentration led to unfavorable outcomes. He also said about rumors surrounding the team in the summer due to significant changes in the transfer market. Bastoni says the seamless adaptation of new players, shows the team’s unity. In evaluating whether the current squad is stronger than the previous season, Bastoni leaves that judgment to the pitch. He wants to show it on the field to determine their true strength.

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