Bastoni’s agent warns Inter after delaying contract talks

Bastoni’s agent warns Inter after delaying contract talks

Bastoni’s agent warns Inter that if contract renewal does not happen soon, he will take other steps. Inter are facing financial problems and have their hands tied at the moment. They have a contract extension ready for Bastoni and his agent has agreed to it. But the board are now delaying the renewal. So Bastoni’s agent, Tulio Tinti is not happy with the ways things are going.

Bastoni has a 3-year contract which will end at the end of this season. He has been a regular for two years and was vital for Inter this season for their Scudetto victory. Steven Zhang was about to come from China to finalise the contract but that didn’t happen. They are waiting to secure a loan from the Oak Tree Capital. Bastoni is one of the untouchable players in the Inter squad. The board do not want to lose him but they will have to act quickly and renew his contract soon.

Bastonis agent warns Inter

Bastoni’s agent warns Inter as he wants Inter to renew their contract soon

Tulio has given a warning that if Inter doesn’t get things sorted, he will likely start looking for other clubs from July 1. He is happy to be at Inter. But he just wants the contract talks to go like they do in other clubs. Also, Steven Zhang is saying that he might not be able to give the players 2 months payment. Inter players are totally against it and so is Tulio.

Bastoni is a perfect fit for Conte in his backline. His natural foot is left which helps him play in that wide left center back role. He is comfortable on the ball and is able to carry it forward. Also, the Italian is quick on his feet and is able to track wingers and stop them. He is an important piece for Inter and they would not want to lose him.

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