Lukaku and Barella are ‘Untouchables’

Lukaku and Barella are ‘Untouchables’

Romelo Lukaku and Nicolo Barella are the only ‘Untouchables’ in the Nerazzurri squad. Inter are thinking to get the wage bill down from now on. As reported by Inter have passed one hurdle by winning Serie A and now have some financial issues to deal with. Steven Zhang is already working to cut the costs and he will be looking to sell some players in the transfer window. There are only 5 players who are certain to remain in Inter. Namely, Lukaku, Hakimi, Barella, De Vrij and Bastoni.

Zhang will be reducing the wages by 15%. Right now it is 75% more than Inter’s turnover. So, the board needs to take these steps as they have huge financial problems. They will also look into some other ways to raise the funds for next season. So, the players that will depart are Kolarov, Young and Padelli. Ranocchia will have to accept his new reduced contract if he wants to stay.

Lukaku and Barella are 'Untouchables'

Lukaku and Barella are ‘Untouchables’ while Inter look to reduce the wage bill

The Suning have got an offer of 300 million euros, which will help Inter a lot. 140 million of that can directly come to Inter’s way. The deal would take some time though as details are a bit complex. Oak tree capital have offered the deal and are now one step ahead of the Bain Capital. The Suning will benefit from this deal as well. They would be getting 160 million from them. They have to give some of it to Lion Rock Capital though.

Meanwhile, other players that could be sold are Sanchez and Vidal, since they both have high wages and could get some funds whilst selling them too. While selling Andrea Pinamonti and Lucien Agoume could generate some funds too as they both are young. The backup goalkeeper Radu might also be looking for another club.

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