Brozovic could be out for Inter till the World Cup

Brozovic could be out for Inter till the World Cup

Marcelo Brozovic could be out due to injury till the World Cup according to reports. The Croatian midfielder is suffering from a thigh injury, and he will take time to recover. Previously the assumption was that the Croatian will take a couple of weeks. But it seems that he might not play for Inter Milan until after the World Cup. Brozovic is a key player in Inzaghi’s system, and Inter will have to play some crucial games without him.

Marcelo Brozovic had a thigh problem during the international break as he had to sub off in the 18th minute against Austria. Inter Milan had lots of problems last season when Brozovic was absent, and they lost several points during that period. Inter did not have a proper backup for him and were struggling to find the right player to play in that role. Simone Inzaghi tried Barella, Vecino, and Gagliardini, but none of them were capable enough. So Inter decided to bring Asllani this season for this type of situation.

Brozovic could be out

Brozovic could be out till the World Cup due to a thigh injury

The Nerazzurri have been coping with the absence of Brozovic in recent games. Inzaghi is using both Calhanoglu and Asllani alternatively as the number 6. The Turkish midfielder has the experience and decision-making skills to operate in that role, which was evident against Barcelona. Asllani still has a lot to learn, but he has the potential to be one of the best in that role. The young midfielder screens the backline perfectly and helps in keeping possession and rotating the ball.

Marcelo Brozovic is also one of the most important players for the Croatian National team and will hope to recover in time for World Cup. However, he will miss important games for Inter like Juventus, Bayern Munich, and Atalanta.

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