Calhanoglu excels in Brozovic role for Inter

Calhanoglu excels in Brozovic role for Inter

Calhanoglu excels in Brozovic role by playing a regista. The Turkish midfielder is filling in for Brozovic, who has a serious thigh injury and will be out for a few weeks. Inzaghi has shown his trust in Calhanoglu to fill the shoes of the Croatian midfielder. Hakan has done a brilliant job so far, and he has contributed in both areas of the pitch for Inter against strong opposition. Inzaghi signed Asllani as a backup for Brozovic, but Calhangolu is playing brilliantly in that role.

The Turkish midfielder is enjoying a deeper position as he likes to have time on the ball. When he plays as a number 8, he has to make quick passes and rotate the ball to keep possession. But as a number 8, he has the time and space to pick the runs of players. He has shown this feature against Barcelona and Sassuolo where he found Barella in the box which then resulted in a goal. Also, he has the view of the entire team front from that position.

Calhanoglu excels in Brozovic

Calhanoglu excels in Brozovic position as a number 6

The Nerazzurri were struggling last season when Brozovic was out because of injury. Inzaghi tried various players, but it did not help and Inter lost points during that phase. However, he decided to have Calhanoglu at the back this time and gave Mkhitaryan the opportunity to play as the number 8.

The Turkish midfielder is also helping Inter in defense as he uses his experience to anticipate the attack. Inter managed to keep up with Barcelona’s attack with a low block and Calhanoglu was able to screen the defense. Calhanoglu also has the ability to come forward and help out Inter during the attack. His surprise run forward against Barcelona in the San Siro helped him to score the only goal of the match.

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