Chelsea could keep Lukaku for next season

Chelsea could keep Lukaku as Pochettino receives advice from Roberto Martinez on how to get the best out of the Belgian forward. The Blues have struggled in front of goal, and are looking for a quality striker in the coming transfer window. Meanwhile, Romelu Lukaku has picked up form for Inter. So, Chelsea are now considering giving the Belgian striker another chance at the Stamford Bridge. However, Lukaku will push to extend his loan deal at Inter Milan.

Lukaku had a terrible return to Chelsea as Tuchel did not integrate his style of play properly into his system. The Belgian striker was isolated in most games and was not managed properly off the pitch. Roberto Martinez believes Premier League did not appreciate Lukaku’s qualities. He feels that Lukaku deserves to be treated like City treats Haaland. So, the players around Lukaku have to play to his strengths and give him more support to get the best out of him.

Chelsea could keep Lukaku as Martinez advises Pochettino

Roberto Martinez explained that the team will have to work around Lukaku, as he thrives if he receives a good supply. The former Belgium boss managed Lukaku at Everton and at the Belgium national team. The Nerazzurri have followed a similar template. They play with a similar back-three system with two strikers at the front. Lukaku likes to drop and create space for his teammates to make a run behind. Chelsea did not utilize his strengths to his full potential, but Pochettino could accommodate him in a better way.

At Inter, Lautaro forms a terrific partnership with the Belgian. Meanwhile, other players treat Lukaku as the focal point to help in progressing the ball forward. The former Manchester United striker, therefore, feels more comfortable with Inter and has played his best football with the Nerazzurri.

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