Conte set to leave Inter in the next few hours

Antonio Conte is set to leave Inter in the next few hours as his meeting with Steven Zhang did not go well. Suning has financial problems and they can’t keep all players for next season. They have to generate about £86.5 million by selling their players in this transfer window and reduce the wage bill by 20%. But, Conte doesn’t want that. Instead, he wants some addition to the squad which can help him achieve success in the UEFA Champions League next season. This difference in ideas might lead to his departure soon. As reported by Gianluca Di Marzio.

Antonio Conte has done a brilliant job at Inter for two seasons. He got Inter to the 2nd position of Serie A last season and only missed by 1 point. Now this season he has finally delivered the Scudetto and has made all the Nerazzurri fans very happy. Conte has changed this Inter side and made them ambitious. He brought the energy into the team and improved every player. Hence, all the players like him and want to give their all under him.

Conte set to leave Inter

Conte set to leave Inter and now the board have to look for a replacement

Conte can find his next club easily as both Spurs and Real Madrid are keen on him. Daniel Levy, Spurs president is desperate to get a silverware at Tottenham. They have made offers to some big coaches but got the rejection. So they will try their best to get Conte in their team. However, it is not that easy as Real Madrid also might need a manager as Zinedine Zidane might leave them.

The main problem though, is for Inter as it would be tough to replace Conte. They have Allegri, who is in high demand as well, Sarri, Inzaghi and Mihajlovic as their options.

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