Six players can leave Inter as per reports

Six players can leave Inter as per reports

Six players can leave Inter this summer as Inter look to cash in on players due to a financial crisis. It is no secret that Inter have been in financial trouble since last year. The pandemic affected the finances immensely as San Siro has no audience. Thus, no revenue. On the other hand, the sponsors have cut the deal prices due to the same. In that case, Inter have had a total loss of around €102 million in the past year.

In fact, CEO Beppe Marotta said they had to hold player wages for a while to work on the finances sustainably. However, the owners of Suning took a €250 million loan from Gold Sachs in March. But with restrictions on personal funding outside the country, they recently had a deal with Oaktree Capital. Oaktree will provide three-year funding of €275 million. They have provided the loan with the idea to buy the 31 percent LionRock stocks down the line. Subsequently, willing to take over the ownership of the club.

Six players can leave Inter

Six players can leave Inter if Conte leaves Inter

The list of six players that might leave Inter is not good news for the club. All six players have played crucial roles in Inter’s Scudetto win. It includes Lukaku, Lautaro, Barella, Bastoni, Skriniar, and Achraf Hakimi. Despite making 41 appearances across all competitions, Bastoni might be on the list of players for Inter to cash in on. Bastoni has been a good defender for the club. Skriniar was linked to a move away in January, however, Conte stopped his transfer. And he proved to be a great addition to Conte’s plan.

Nicolo Barella has been the most promising and consistent player for Inter. Having developed himself as one of the best midfielders in Europe, he attracts attention from several clubs. Achraf Hakimi came to Inter from Real Madrid on a €40 million transfer. However, now his stakes have risen. Lautaro and Lukaku are the most important duo for Inter and on top of Conte’s favorites. Who will remain at Inter in the upcoming season?

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