Dumfries poor form decreases his transfer value

Dumfries poor form decreases his transfer value

Dumfries poor form is a worrying sign for other clubs that are looking to sign him. The Dutch defender has been struggling to replicate his World Cup form at the club level. So many clubs that were keen to sign him, are now holding back before making an offer. Moreover, his transfer value is bound to decrease, so Inter might not get the best price for him if he moves to another club in this window.

The Nerazzurri have been looking to sell Dumfries in the winter transfer window to gain profit and balance their finances. Many European clubs were targeting him for the winter transfer window after his brilliant performances for the Netherlands in the knockout stages of the World Cup. But, Denzel Dumfries had disappointing performances against Monza and Parma. Also, he scored an own goal against Monza in the added time to make it 2-2. Inzaghi had to substitute him in the Parma game, as he was all over the place.

Dumfries poor form

Denzel Dumfries poor form is holding other clubs to make a move

The Nerazzurri were confident that they will get a good offer for Dumfries after his World Cup heroics. They had a couple of players on their radar to replace the Dutch defender. Mazraoui and Emerson Royale were prime targets to replace him. Now they might drop Dumfries for some games to help him get back in form. Darmian and the talented Bellanova are on the bench that can replace him.

Chelsea were keen to make an offer for him, as Reece James is again out due to injury. However, Dumfries’ poor form is now holding Chelsea. Also, Manchester United want to buy another full-back as an alternative to Dalot. But Wan-Bissaka has impressed in his recent performances. So the Dutch manager is now waiting to make an offer.

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