How Benfica defeat in UCL benefits Inter, Napoli, Milan?

How Benfica defeat in UCL benefits Inter, Napoli, Milan?

How will Benfica defeat in UCL benefit Italy’s top three qualifiers? A recent report from Calcio e Finanza explains that Italy’s qualifiers for the Champions League can gain more profit. If Benfica fails to qualify for the group stage in UCL. The Portuguese club will face a Danish club Football Midtjylland with group stage qualifications at stake.

According to the report, if Benfica manages to qualify, Italy’s qualifiers will receive a decreased amount for qualifying for the group stages. The total prize money of €600.60 million will go to the qualifiers, and the amount to each club will depend upon their success in Europe in the past decade. Juve will remain in fourth place and will receive €33 million despite any outcome of the match. But Inter Milan, Napoli, and AC Milan will receive approximately €1 million less if Benfica manages to qualify.

How Benfica defeat in UCL

How Benfica defeat in UCL will affect Italy’s qualifiers?

The Portuguese are the two-time winners of the Champions League and have been going deeper than Inter Milan, Napoli, and AC Milan in recent times. AC Milan managed to qualify for the Champions League last season. And while Inter Milan have been playing in UCL, they managed to get into the knockout stages for the first time in ten years during the last season. Napoli has been getting to the knockout stages, but Benfica has been more consistent. A club’s ranking is devised by averaging out their European performance over some time.

So, according to the report, Napoli will earn around €19.3 million if Benfica loses to Midtjylland. While they will get €18.2 million if Benfica qualifies. For Inter Milan, the prize money will get down to €15.9 million from around €17 million. Finally, for AC Milan, their prize will drop from €15.9 million to €14 million if Benfica qualifies.

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