Inter and Milan could stay at San Siro says Milan mayor

Inter and Milan could stay at San Siro says Milan mayor

Inter Milan and AC Milan could both retain their place in San Siro stadium as Milan Mayor Beppe Sala has proposed a potential solution. During a presentation outlining renovation plans for the stadium, Sala hinted at the city’s willingness to sell the surface rights to one or both of the clubs.

Currently, Inter and Milan have been exploring options to construct new stadiums outside of Milan. Since they have persistent bureaucratic hurdles in their efforts to replace the aging San Siro. Inter is eyeing the Rozzano area, while Milan are looking at the commune of San Donato area. Despite these developments, Mayor Sala remains optimistic about the possibility of retaining the clubs at the iconic San Siro venue. He emphasized the significant cost implications for the municipality and Milanese citizens, estimated at around €100 million.

Inter and Milan could stay at San Siro

Inter and Milan could stay at San Siro by purchasing the surface rights

Sala expressed openness to various solutions, including municipal-led renovations, partnership participation in renovation projects, or the sale of stadium surface rights. He highlighted the attractiveness of selling surface rights. It would provide crucial capitalization for the teams and potentially accelerate the redevelopment under the private management of both clubs.

Sala clarified that the asset value of €100 million does not necessarily mean a direct financial contribution from the clubs to the city. Instead, it presents an opportunity for mutually beneficial arrangements. It could ensure the long-term viability and modernization of the San Siro. Many fans will also hope the same as everyone has fond memories of the San Siro. So, Mayor Sala’s proposed plan aims to explore innovative avenues to preserve the historic significance of the San Siro. This also addresses the evolving needs of Inter Milan and AC Milan. The city of Milan could find a path forward that benefits both the clubs.

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