Inter are ready for UCL, says Beppe Bergomi

Inter are ready for UCL, says Beppe Bergomi

Inter are ready for UCL says Inter legend Beppe Bergomi. He said that Inter are ready for the UCL now, which they weren’t back in December. The Nerazzurri finished behind Real Madrid and two other clubs. However, they weren’t in their best form and so they were dismissed from the group stage. In fact, Conte’s side has improved extraordinarily since December. Inter are leading by six points in Serie A against city rivals AC Milan, winning 8 consecutive games.

Beppe Bergomi is the only player who played for just one club his entire career, Inter Milan. The Italian held the record for most appearances for the club for several years. He was fondly called “Lo Zio” (the uncle) because of his bushy eyebrows and the moustache he wore even as a youngster. He is one of the greatest Italian defenders of all time and one of the best in his generation. Now, Bergomi works as a pundit at Sky Sports Italia and is also a co-commentator alongside Fabio Caressa in Serie A.

Inter are ready for UCL

Inter are ready for UCL says Beppe Bergomi, praises Barella and Eriksen

Beppe Bergomi explained how Inter have rectified the mistakes they made in December last year. He praised the team effort and said they’re ready for the quarter-finals. The team is no longer the one where Vidal committed stupid mistakes. Further, Barella is now a true European midfielder. He praised Conte and said that Barella has improved his defence under the Nerazzurri boss. Robert Mancini has helped develop his attack and both the coaches should receive the credit.

He further talked about Eriksen for playing an important role in the club. He is working on the defence and in no time he will start scoring goals and providing assists. The Dane is great with one-touch passes and defence. In fact, Conte is happy with Eriksen now. However, there was a time when Conte never gave any chances to Eriksen and always chose Vidal. The good part is that Conte has finally found the balance with his team. The squad should be optimistic about the Scudetto at the moment, if not overwhelmed.

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