Inter can become unbeatable, only if Conte stays

Inter can become unbeatable, only if Conte stays

Inter can become unbeatable if Conte chooses to stay back at Inter. The Nerazzurri boss is known for a move at the most unexpected time. Conte has it in him to lead Inter to domination, not just in Serie A. It would open doors for the Europa League that hasn’t been the best for them for the past few years. The win against Crotone by 2-0 and Atlanta’s draw with Sassuolo helped them achieve the title of their dreams.

Inter have been extraordinary this season and it is all thanks to Conte who charged the players with a winning spirit. In an interview, Conte said that the players at Inter never played to win. However, in the last nine months with Nerazzurri. Conte has transformed Inter as a whole. In fact, he is also responsible for the individual progress of certain players. Inter have scored 29 goals in 34 games through the defense. Alessandro Bastoni and Milan Skriniar have developed under Conte and are now one of the best in defense. On the other hand, Nicolo Barella has established himself under Conte as one of the best midfielders in Europe.

Inter can become unbeatable

Inter can become unbeatable if Conte continues his efforts

The best decision for Conte this season was to resurrect Eriksen. Eriksen had been on the sidelines ever since he came to Inter last year. Conte hardly had him on the field as he felt that Eriksen needs more time to understand Italian football. Thus, when Eriksen was brought in at a crucial moment this season, he played an important role in the success that Inter tastes after 11 years now. His derby goal against Milan started Inter’s winning streak and they have been unbeatable ever since.

Conte can help Inter dominate in the leagues. However, with the financial struggles and bleak future, his decision might be on hold. When asked about his next move on Sunday, he said that he is happy at the moment and it’s only the celebrations that he is focusing on. However, he also added that they will take decisions towards the end of the season. Inter are celebrating the Scudetto win after 11 long years,19th in all of history.

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