Inter could face sanctions for violating FFP rules

Inter could face sanctions for violating FFP rules

Inter Milan along with other top European clubs could face sanctions for violating the FFP rules. UEFA have been monitoring various accounts of top clubs in Europe, and Inter are one of the clubs that have violated the Financial Fair Play rules in the 2021/22 account. Juventus and AS Roma are the other Serie A clubs that have done the same and can get sanctioned because of this. The Nerazzurri have been in a dire financial situation and might have violated some rules during the transfer window.

A total of three clubs from Serie A have violated the rules. This is the most as compared to other top five European leagues. Ligue 1 has a couple of defaulters, Paris Saint Germain and Marseille. Both the clubs are ready to pay the fine if they do face severe sanctions. UEFA has not formally sanctioned any club yet, but they have their targets. Premiere League and La Liga have one club each, that might face sanctions. Arsenal and Barcelona both have violated some rules that UEFA found out after checking their accounts.

Inter could face sanctions

Inter could face sanctions from UEFA for violating FFP regulations

Almost all the clubs are ready to discuss and agree on the fines by UEFA. However, Barcelona and Juventus are still in a conflict with UEFA regarding the Super League project. So they are not willing to cooperate with them to reach an agreement and will not pay any fines. Serious repercussions could take place because of this and hence, other clubs are willing to discuss fines.

Inter Milan have to asses its financial situation, and the owners should make the right calls to help the club get out of this situation. It has been tough to replace key players, and they have to manage their accounts properly to avoid these sanctions in the future.

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