Inzaghi could resign at the end of the season

Inzaghi could resign at the end of the season

Simone Inzaghi could resign by the end of the season, as the Italian manager is feeling the pressure at the Nerazzurri. Inter have been going through a rough patch in Serie A, and the Italian manager has been under a lot of criticism. However, the team’s performance has led to the recent decline, with strikers missing most of the chances. Inzaghi has some shortcomings, but he feels the board is not backing him enough.

The Nerazzurri have been struggling on the road this season and are lacking energy in most of the games. They look clueless in attack most of the time, and pass the ball sideways to find an opening. While they are vulnerable in transition, and concede goals easily on the counter. Lautaro has been performing well, but he gets little help from his partners. Lukaku has missed big and crucial chances in recent games, while Correa fails to make an impact.

Inzaghi could resign

Inzaghi could resign as he faces constant criticism

The Italian manager has his problems, as he is sticking to a similar game plan, and not changing tactics or players to get the team out of the poor form. Inter have been predictable in attack, and teams are now exploiting their weaknesses easily. But the Italian manager needs some additions to the squad to help in the rotation. The lack of proper replacement has led to the overuse of the same players. Hence, they are getting exhausted towards the end of the season. So more support in the transfer window would help him to implement his system in a better way.
The Nerazzurri manager is focused on Champions League and Coppa Italia matches currently. Also, he has to keep Inter in the top four, or else his sacking would be inevitable. But in the meantime, he wants some protection from criticism as he feels the board members including Beppe Marotta are not backing him.

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