Inzaghi says nothing is lost in the title race

Inzaghi says nothing is lost in the title race

Simone Inzaghi says nothing is lost in the Serie A title race. Also, Inter will restart well in January. The Nerazzurri were having a Christmas party, and Inzaghi spoke a few words. He said the team has to do well for themselves and the fans. Inter Milan have had a terrible start to the season, and are struggling to cement a spot in the top four. But Inzaghi is optimistic about the future and believes Inter can get back on track if they pick up the pace from the start.

Inter Milan have been practicing during the World Cup break, as most of the players were not participating. The Nerazzurri have played some games with different levels of opposition. They did not lose any game but had to settle for a 1-1 draw against Real Betis. But, they managed to thrash Salzburg 4-0 at Malta. More players have joined Inter now, and Inzaghi emphasized that they have to improve themselves to have a shot at Serie A.

Inzaghi will sign a new contract

Inzaghi says nothing is lost, and the team will have to restart well

The Italian manager took the moment to thank the president, club directors, and all the players. There were talks of sacking Inzaghi, as Inter were losing every crucial game in the first part of the season. However, Inzaghi has managed to take Inter out of the group of death that had Barcelona and Bayern Munich. Also, Inter ended the first part of the season on a good note after beating their rivals, Atalanta.

Simone Inzaghi wanted to motivate his team. So he is looking for a similar performance from them as the last season. The Nerazzurri completed a domestic double and were in the title race till the last game of the season. He feels Inter owe it to their fans, who have been supporting the club through thick and thin.

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