Knee injury for Vidal as he is set to miss Juve clash

Knee injury for Vidal as he is set to miss Juve clash

Knee injury for Arturo Vidal; As he will miss the second leg of the Coppa Italia semi-final against Juventus. The Chilean footballer has a bruised knee as per morning medical exams. Furthermore, Vidal is an experienced midfielder but he is not doing justice to his reputation recently. The Chilean footballer was extraordinary in his performances for Juventus. In fact, he was nicknamed Il Guerriero (The Warrior), Rey Arturo (King Arthur), and La Piranha by the Italian media due to his combative style of play.

Arturo’s recklessness was his strength at one point but it did not quite turn out well for Inter. The Nerazzurri bought the Chilean to Inter with high hopes. More than anyone, Conte played a huge role in getting him to the club. The Nerazzurri boss has been very selective with the players of his choice. While the Italian giants are in a good position right now, Vidal’s constant injuries are not a good sign. The Chilean sustained an injury back in April 2019 and has been facing minor issues with his knee ever since.

Knee injury for Vidal

Knee injury for Vidal once again before the encounter against Juve

Conte has chosen Vidal over Eriksen several times. The Chilean received playtime despite his foolish decisions on the field. On the other hand, Christian Eriksen did not receive enough chances to show his calibre. However, after his astonishing derby goal for Inter, the CEO and even Stelleni are in awe of the midfielder.

Vidal came to Inter for a fee of €1 million in variables. After he had been out of form for a while, Vidal promised his fans that once he starts scoring, he will score 10 goals in a row. After this, he scored against his former club Juventus. However, he hasn’t played many games after that. Although Conte has a set squad in mind, Vidal could be of use for him. The Chilean has experience of playing with Juventus and could prove to be an asset.

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