Lukaku won’t leave Nerazzurri, says Jacobs

Lukaku won’t leave Nerazzurri, says Jacobs

Ariel Jacobs, who was one of the first coaches of Lukaku has told Gazetta Dello Sport that Lukaku won’t leave Nerazzurri. He thinks that Lukaku will stay at Inter and challenge himself. He says that Lukaku is a player who sets the bar for himself and likes to get better every day. Ariel says that Conte is coaching him perfectly. So, Lukaku will like to stay here provided Conte stays too.

Inter have some financial issues. So few clubs like Man City, Chelsea and Barcelona were keen on Lukaku. But Lukaku’s former coach knows that he won’t be going anywhere. He thinks that this time, Lukaku will like to perform well in the UEFA Champions League too and try to defend Serie A as well. Jacobs likes Lukaku as a person too. He says that he is very patient and calm and likes to listen and learn each and every day.

Lukaku wont leave Nerazzurri

Ariel Jacobs assures that Lukaku won’t leave the Nerazzurri

The debut of Lukaku for Anderlecht was in May 2009. While Jacobs has coached Anderlecht from 2007 to 2012. He was in the Anderlecht’s second team. But, Jacobs got him in the first team because he knew that Lukaku could change the game himself. So he got in when their tame was 1-0 down and 20 minutes were left. Although they lost and Lukaku didn’t score, he had a good match. Jacob feels that Lukaku is a type of player who needs to have the confidence of the coach and wants the team to play around him and Conte has done exactly that. Lukaku is the main player in Conte’s setup. Jacob praises Conte for Coaching Lukaku well.

At last, Jacob says that he likes how Lautaro plays alongside him. Their bond is really good and they both are a lethal duo. They both understand each other’s style too.

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