Marotta backs Inzaghi after Milan and Bayern defeat

Marotta backs Inzaghi after Milan and Bayern defeat

Beppe Marotta backs Inzaghi after a poor start to the season by Inter Milan. The Nerazzurri have lost to Lazio and their city rivals AC Milan, but Marotta wants Inzaghi to stay. Inter Milan’s latest defeat came in the Champions League as the 2020 UCL winners outclassed them at the Meazza. However, the recent defeats can not overshadow the fact that Inzaghi has done a good job after Conte’s departure. The Italian manager will need some time to get his team back to the top.

Marotta said in the interview that Inter will have to work on fine details to get back on track. An in-depth analysis of every performance will show where Inter are lacking at the moment. The Nerazzurri have been struggling in their defense, especially in transition. Also, there has been moments of complete blackout in defense to which Marotta says that the team should not get stressed over their performance. Instead, they should study their game and work out the solutions. Inzaghi’s system looks wonderful as a spectator, but he might want to make some changes in big games.

Marotta backs Inzaghi

Beppe Marotta backs Inzaghi after a rough start to the new season

Inzaghi has all the support from Marotta, but everyone from management to the technical area will have to work hard to turn the tide. Players have been lethargic at times while defending and will have to pick up their form. Marotta backed Inzaghi for making some big calls like benching Handanovic, as Onana had a brilliant debut.

At last, Marrota also mentioned the big gap between Serie A and other leagues like Premier League. The bridge is getting wider, and the teams get huge financial backing, which helps them in European competitions. Inter do get financial backing, but they have lost some key players in the past to cover the losses.

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