Three things Inzaghi should change at Inter

Three things Inzaghi should change at Inter

There are three things Inzaghi can change to get Inter back on track. The Nerazzurri are having a poor start to the season, and Inzaghi will have to think of a solution to improve Inter’s performances before it’s too late. Inter Milan have lost three out of seven games in Serie A, and have won a couple of games with a late winner. Inzaghi has some serious problems in defense and his attack lacks vision this season. The Nerazzurri were rampant last season and were scoring goals for fun.

Firstly, Inter have to change its defensive shape and structure. The Nerazzurri have conceded eleven goals this season which is a huge cause of concern. A similar situation arrived when Conte was at the helm the Italian managed decided to drop the back line. Inzaghi can use a similar approach and have a more compact mid-block in defense to close the gaps. The front two will help out in defense as one can press, and another one can mark the number 6.

Three things Inzaghi

Three things Inzaghi should consider to improve Inter

Another thing Inzaghi can consider is changing his preparations. The players look fatigued due to fixture congestion, and Inzaghi can give more recovery sessions to players. Lukaku got a thigh injury which did not help Inter as now they lack a force in attack. Players will be able to perform freely with fresh legs, and more rotations can be done to ensure that. Raoul Bellanova and Kristjan Asllani have played only a few games this season.

Lastly, Inter are lacking consistency at the moment. The Nerazzurri impress in some games but lose their momentum on the other. Inzaghi needs to consider making plans according to each opponent. Since Inter Milan are looking shaky against tougher opponents like AC Milan, Lazio, Bayern Munich, and Udinese.

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