Vidal Suspended: A boon for Inter against Gladbach

Vidal Suspended: A boon for Inter against Gladbach

With Vidal suspended, Inter will be more glad than stressed. The Nerazzurri suffered an insulting defeat at the hands of Real Madrid as Vidal picked a red. The former Barcelona star is not really standing up to the expectations for Inter. While Conte was eager to have him in the side, the former Italy manager must be relieved to get a break from him. Vidal played against Madrid like he was still playing for Barcelona.

His defensive contributions have been impressive so far. But he also concedes unnecessary fouls close to the box, sometimes even penalties. The Nerazzurri fans wanted a mature head in Vidal but he’s turning out to be impatient. The Chilean international hasn’t scored for Inter yet which should not come as a surprise.

Vidal suspended

In Vidal’s favour, he performed exceptionally well on Saturday against an in-form Sassuolo side. But expecting him to make that difference every time he takes the field for Inter will be stupid. It’s not about his abilities which he has an abundance of. It’s about his age and more importantly temperament.

Vidal Suspended: Conte must look at alternatives

While it has only been a few months since his arrival, Conte must start looking to replace Vidal. The Chilean was never meant to be a long term signing. And after the end of this season, if Conte departs on a new adventure, Vidal will be obscure for the club. Even if Conte stays, Vidal is not in the age or form to make the difference he must.

With Barella and Gagliardini making strides it’s hard to imagine that Vidal will retain his place. Also, once Brozovic and Sensi return to the fold, Vidal will have a tough fight. While these players are great starters, Alexis Sanchez will insert the creation and energy off the bench. Conte will want to start Sanchez behind the strikers on some occasions, to get those early goals. And the away game against Monchengladbach can be one of those days.

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