Zlatan and Lukaku clash as Inter advance to next round

Zlatan and Lukaku clash as Inter advance to next round

Zlatan and Lukaku clash as Inter win against Milan in the quarter-finals of the Coppa Italia. The encounter started when Lukaku was upset with AC Milan’s Alessio Romagnoli. The latter made a foul at the end of the first half. Eventually, it led to a clash between Lukaku and Ibrahimovic. The two are former Manchester United players. In fact, they ended up headbutting each other and both of them were booked straight away.

Conte said that he is happy to see Lukaku in this state. He also said that Ibrahimovic has the sense of a winner while Lukaku is growing every day. Further, he added that this reaction by Lukaku is a plus for them, probably because Lukaku will channel his anger into the game. In fact, Lukaku was fuming with anger at one point and was restrained by his teammates. While Lukaku accused Ibrahimovic of talking about his mother, he also talked about the latter’s wife.

Zlatan and Lukaku clash

Zlatan and Lukaku clash, Eriksen scores the winning goal

Zlatan and Lukaku clash makes way for Eriksen as Inter secured a 2-1 win against city rivals AC Milan. Things took a turn when Ibrahimovic went out in the 58th minute for tripping defender Aleksandar Kolarov. Furthermore, Inter earned a penalty in the second half which Lukaku converted into a goal ; leveling the score to 1-1.

Eriksen scored the second goal after coming on just 2 minutes before full time. Eriksen has been on the bench for almost the whole season. The Danish midfielder has been out of favour for Conte ever since he became a part of Inter. Eriksen is an exceptional midfielder when he is in form. In fact, he has proved it with this sensational goal, that he can play for Inter.

Inter will face either Juventus or Serie B SPAL next month in the semi-finals.

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