Conte has changed Inter’s mentality, says Zenga

Conte has changed Inter’s mentality, says Zenga

Conte has changed Inter’s mentality and taken the club to the next level, says Zenga. Inter Legend Walter Zenga has praised Conte’s effort for making the club stronger. Further, Zenga was a goal-keeper for the Nerazzurri and is now a football manager. He last managed Serie A club Cagliari. The Italian started his career in 1978 in Serie C1 with Salernitana. He joined Inter Milan in 1982 and played as a substitute for Ivano Bordon in his first season. Ivano Boron was one of the best goalkeepers of the era.

Further, in the next season, he gave excellent performances but couldn’t win. However, despite being deprived of the taste of victory, he grew personally. His love for the club and larger than life attitude made him a fan favorite. And in no time, with fans’ support and hard work he established himself as a premier goalkeeper. Soon, he secured a place in the Italian World Cup. He made 328 appearances for Inter in total and carved his name in the history of the club.

Conte has changed Inter's mentality

Conte changed Inter’s mentality, Lukaku also helped Inter reach here

Zenga said,” Conte was heavily criticized when Inter didn’t qualify in Europe.” However, the Nerazzurri boss is not just focused on winning. Rather he has focused on the overall development of the club. And three months later, Inter are at the top of the Serie A table. With 8 consecutive wins and 11 games to go, they are going strong. Everyone is giving their best. Plus, a coach’s job is not just to win but to create a certain mentality. And Conte has made the team stronger.

He said that Lukaku is also one of the important figures in Inter’s success. Lukaku came to the club after Mauro Icardi’s departure. And everyone criticized Lukaku too. However, he fit right into the position and nobody has missed the Argentine in Lukaku’s presence. Lukaku recently secured the Serie A MVP title. Inter are 11 games away from the Scudetto.

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