Conte rejects Spurs’ job as he explains the reason

Conte rejects Spurs’ job as he explains the reason

Conte rejects Spurs’ job as he was not happy with their project. He has left Inter Milan because of the same reason. Conte is very ambitious and he demands the same level of ambition from the club. So Conte’s representatives had a talk with Spurs. They then told Conte about it but he did not like Spurs’ plan for next season. Conte had also said that he will only join Spurs if they retain Harry Kane.

A lot of clubs require a new manager this season and Conte is a quality manager. But, Conte has said that if a club’s project does not convince him, he will not join them. Also, he said that he likes tough challenges but if there is something in a club that does not convince him, he would like to stay at home.

Conte rejects Spurs job

Conte rejects Spurs’ job as he does not like their project

Spurs are in desperate need of a manager after they fired Jose Mourinho. Their board have done a mistake in firing Pochettino before, which led to the signing of Mourinho. He did not have a good stint at Spurs. Jose has won trophies in every club he went to but that streak ended at Spurs. They fired him before the Carabao cup and Ryan Mason took place as a caretaker manager. Spurs have had a talk with Pochettino for a return but he seems settled at Paris Saint Germain at the moment. They have also had talks with Brendon Rogers but he would not leave Leicester City either. Now they are trying to sign Paulo Fonseca who got out from AS Roma and now Mourinho is their coach for next season.

Conte would have been a good choice for Spurs as they have not won a silverware for a long time now. But Conte is not interested in them.

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