Dzeko on Serie A and partnership with Lukaku

Dzeko on Serie A and partnership with Lukaku

Edin Dzeko talks on the return of Serie A after the World Cup break. The Nerazzurri have been working hard to be ready for the next part of Serie A. They were in Spain and had a friendly against Real Betis, that ended in a 1-1 draw. Dzeko is optimistic about the return of Serie A, as he feels everyone had rest and will be fresh for the important part of the season. Inter are focused on closing the gap with Napoli, as they are eleven points ahead in the title race.

Dzeko reminisces on last season when Inter could not keep up after taking the lead in January. In the end, AC Milan outran Inter to win the Scudetto after more than a decade. Dzeko wants to hit the ground running, as they will have to be consistent in the upcoming games. He said Inter must avoid the mistakes they made in the first half of the season. Also, he is knows that Inter have enough firepower to get back in the title race.

Dzeko on Serie A

Edin Dzeko talks about Serie A and playing alongside Lukaku

The Bosnian striker is happy with Lukaku’s addition to the team. The Belgian striker has been out for most of the season but will be ready for the Serie A return. Dzeko said he has played with many strikers of his size and will have no problem partnering with Lukaku. However, both of them will be in the rotation to play alongside Lautaro, who will be coming to Inter after winning the World Cup.

Edin Dzeko’s contract will expire after the end of this season. However, the Bosnian striker is looking forward to this season and will give his all before June. The Nerazzurri could give him a contract renewal offer if he continues to play at the top of his game till June.

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