World Cup dream come true for Lautaro Martinez

World Cup dream come true for Lautaro Martinez

Winning the World Cup was a childhood dream of Latauro Martinez, which came true last night. The Inter Milan striker struggled with injuries during the World Cup, but he played a significant part in the extra time. He came in as a substitute in the extra time in the 102nd minute. The Nerazzurri striker played a key role in the third goal, as he made a run and fired his shot at Lloris. His effort was saved, but it came to Messi on the rebound, who scored the third goal.

Lautaro Martinez said that he was overwhelmed after winning the World Cup. He was feeling many emotions and described them as a unique sensation. It was difficult for Lautaro to soak it all in, as it has been a dream for him since he started playing football as a child. The Nerazzurri striker was looking forward to celebrating with his family, and all the people of Argentina.

World Cup dream

Argentina beat France as their World Cup dream come true

Argentina had huge support in the stadium for the World Cup final, and it felt like home to Lautaro Martinez. They had the most number of fans in stadiums throughout the campaign. The Inter Milan forward was emotional after the win. He said his family traveled all over the world to watch him play. He dedicated the victory to his daughter, who changed his life. 

Argentina and France took part in one of the best finals of the World Cup so far. Argentina were dominating the game with their 2-0 lead. However, Mbappe found a way through in the 80th minute and changed the game in just a minute. Messi scored in extra time, but Mbappe equalized again to take it to the penalties. Emiliano Martinez stepped up in the penalty shootout to give Argentina their third World Cup.

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