Eriksen could play for Ajax after he returns to the pitch

Eriksen could play for Ajax after he returns to the pitch

Christian Eriksen could play for Ajax after he returns to the pitch. It has been 5 months since he suffered a cardiac arrest while playing the first game in the Euros 2020 for Denmark. Thanks to the match officials and medical staff, Eriksen got immediate attention as he went to the hospital in Copenhagen. He managed to get out of danger as he was admitted to the hospital in time.

The Dane is still recovering and he is currently in Denmark with his family. Also, he has started a light athletic program with the supervision of doctors to improve his physical state slowly. He does not want to give up and he wants to play again as reported by the La Gazzetta Dello Sport. But, due to the defibrillator, he can not play in the Serie A so he will have to find a different club for himself. He is hoping that by 2022, he will get ready for his new chapter. The tests still have not given a clear reason as to why he had a cardiac arrest. But he hopes that by next year, the picture will be clear.

Christian Eriksen could play for Ajax or Odense 

Inter are also taking things slowly and they want him to recover well. FIFA allowance is covering Eriksen’s wages for one year. However, it’s quite sure that the Dane might not be able to play for Inter again. He can go to Eredivisie as the Dutch league allows the player to play with the defibrillator. He can play with his former team Ajax or he could play for Odense which is near his home.

So, it all depends on Christian Eriksen as he wants to come back to the pitch. The Dane is taking small steps with caution and he has the willpower to play the beautiful game again.

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