Eriksen to Everton possible as Ancelotti wants him

Eriksen to Everton possible as Ancelotti wants him

Eriksen to Everton is an added possibility as Ancelotti approaches Inter in order to bag the midfielder in winter. The Danish midfielder has been off the field for almost the entire 20/21 season. He has played only four games and not a single complete 90-minute game. Eriksen did not fit well into Conte’s system while Conte never gave him a fair chance either. Inter got Eriksen at half the price and jumped at the opportunity. However, the Nerazzurri have put it out that they want to offload Eriksen in this transfer window within a year of his signing.

The Danish midfielder has attracted big clubs to the queue to get his signature. These clubs include Arsenal, Real Madrid, Wolves and now Everton. The Toffees are serious candidates to sign Eriksen, unlike West Ham and Arsenal.

Eriksen to Everton as Ancelotti makes an offer to lure him

Eriksen to Everton

Eriksen to Everton is a big possibility in this transfer window. According to SempreInter, Everton Manager Carlo Ancelotti has great knowledge of the market and has made this offer to lure Eriksen to the Premier League. In February 2020, Ancelotti called Eriksen a ‘complete midfielder’ and compared him to former Juventus player Pirlo. According to Ancelotti Eriksen can play both wide and in a deeper role.

Eriksen has been linked to his former club Tottenham in the past days. However, his move to the club is unlikely. Eriksen does not shy away from the fact he wants to get back to the Premier League and rediscover his old self. Nonetheless, the only concern for Everton at the moment is his wage which is around £120,000-per-week, which can be worth it if he gets back in form. Inter are desperate to get rid of the Danish midfielder and Everton can well be their saviour. The Nerazzurri are short on cash and desperately need reinforcements in attack and midfield. Looking at how much money Eriksen can bring from his sale, Inter are banking on him. Also, his departure will give the Nerazzurri wage budget a breather.

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