Eriksen understands Conte’s method

Eriksen understands Conte’s method

Eriksen understands Conte’s method now and that has made the Nerazzurri boss happy. Conte and Eriksen did not share a good relationship until this January. Eriksen came to Inter in the 2018-19 season with huge dreams. However, he did not get to spend the first year as per expectations. The world was hit with a pandemic soon after he came to Inter. Thus, he spent his time at the camps which affected him psychologically.

While he got better with time, he did not step into the field for Inter much. Conte did not give enough chances to Eriksen saying he has not yet learned his ways. On top of that, Eriksen did not speak Italian which made communication harder. Eriksen is one of the best midfielders when in form. In fact, despite being on the sidelines, he did not stop training. The training came in handy when he was finally played for Inter this season towards the end of January. The Dane scored a derby goal against city rivals AC Milan in a 2-1 win. His contribution was necessary at the moment to take Inter forward.

Eriksen understands Contes method

Eriksen understands Conte’s method, has made Conte happy

In an interview with Gazella Dello Sport, Eriksen said that he is happy at Inter and has no complaints. They asked why it took so much time for him to settle at Inter. He replied by saying that he was not used to playing exactly with instructions. Earlier, he was free to work according to the situation on the field. However, with Conte, there’s a fixed plan that everyone has to follow.

He said that the Nerazzurri boss is important for the club when asked about Conte’s move away. Although his move away would be his decision based upon the club’s financial position. He concluded by saying that the Scudetto win is overwhelming and everyone at the club is happy. While it is also just the start, and they can achieve so much more as a team and Conte is one important aspect of that.

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