Impact of Suning’s ownership of Inter in Serie A

Impact of Suning’s ownership of Inter in Serie A

The impact of Suning’s ownership of Inter in Serie A has been underwhelming, to say the least. Suning bought a majority of stakes from Inter in 2016. They got about 70% of the shares and have been their main owner since then. But their ownership has been problematic for everyone- Inter, Serie A and Suning itself.

Inter Milan have not been able to get the economic support when they needed it. Although Inter did have some signings when Conte got appointed. But, Inter did not make any big signings, they were smart with their recruitments. While now, when they have won the Scudetto and need some funds to at least maintain their current squad, Suning do not have it. In fact they had to let Conte go who brought some change in the Inter squad and made them ambitious, just because they have to sell players this season.

Impact of Sunings ownership

The Impact of Suning’s ownership has been underwhelming, says Enrico Preziosi

Due to COVID-19, all the clubs are suffering but Inter in particular have major economic issues. Preziosi said to Corriere Della Sera that Suning’s ownership has affected Italy as a whole. He said that all clubs are coping with COVID-19 somehow. But Suning’s ownership has been poor. Inter who have won the Scudetto are looking to sell players in the transfer window. He also said that Chinese investors do not help Italy’s club when needed.

Also, Suning have received backlash from the Chinese government. They think that investing in foreign clubs do not help their country to grow. They feel that football in China has been at the same level for some time and they want their investors to focus on their domestic clubs and improve their situation. This was one of the reasons why Suning wanted to sell Inter in the last season but eventually decided not to.

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