Inter beat RB Salzburg in a seven-goal thriller

Inter beat RB Salzburg in a seven-goal thriller

Inter beat RB Salzburg in the pre-season game where both teams were open in defense, but the Nerazzurri managed to capitalize in the end. Due to the heavy downpour, the tempo of the game was affected, and both teams could not build attacks properly.

Inter were trying to put the ball in the right channel with the help of long balls. However, without Dzeko, Inter lacked a focal point to direct their attacks. Sommer started the game, but he looked shaky in defense, and his timing to come off the line was wrong on several occasions. The Swiss keeper rushed out in the 4th minute and conceded the penalty. However, Konate skied his penalty, but he did not miss his next chance.

Inter were struggling string passes together, and this gave Salzburg a chance to break. Sommer again rushed out of his line but could not clear the ball on time. Konate managed to get past him and score on the open net.

The Nerazzurri did not waste time to find the equalizer as Correa dropped into space to free Dimarco, who provided an inviting pass in the box. The ball was perfect, and Pavlovic could not clear it properly as it ended in the net. Barella had another chance as he made a clever run through the center. But his shot hit the keeper’s face.

Inter beat RB Salzburg

Inter Milan beat RB Salzburg 4-3

Barella provided a perfect ball in the box, Bastoni manage to flick it in the path of De Vrij, and the Dutch defender found the net. The Nerazzurri were leading the game but not for long. Konate was again on the score sheet as the Austrian giants got the equalizer back following the corner. Solet provided the ball and Konate comfortably headed it into the right corner from close range.

However, just before halftime, Inter got their lead back. Dumfries produced a brilliant ball from his left foot outside the box to Correa, who managed to head it calmly. RB Salzburg almost changed their whole team after halftime. The fresh legs of the new players was evident as they score a goal right at the start of the second half.

Inter had a couple of chances afterward, but they could not get their lead back. However, after Frattesi’s arrival, the game changed. The Italian midfielder was making constant runs behind the defense. He made a brilliant effort, but his shot was saved by Mantl. Sensi finally scored the winner in the 90th minute by making a run through the center.

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