Inter celebrate 115 years and unveil a new logo

Inter celebrate 115 years and unveil a new logo

Inter Milan celebrate 115 years with a new logo and a jersey that they will wear against Spezia. Inter was founded on March 09, 1908, at the Orologio restaurant, and the founding members chose the colors of sky and night to represent this new club. The idea was to accept more foreign players and make the beautiful game open to all. Also, their first club captain, Hernst Marktl, was a Swiss international. The Nerazzurri shared a video that encapsulates the essence of this journey.

The video showcases their revolution and journey in the last 115 years. It also shows the iconic jerseys worn by the Nerazzurri. Visconti biscione, the snake, which is the symbol for the city of Milan, has a key role in the logo. It forms the special logo and represents 115 around the club’s blue-white crest. The Nerazzurri will celebrate their birthday from March 9 until 13. So, they will wear a special jersey with ‘I M 115 years’ written under the logo against Spezia on March 10th.

Inter celebrate 115 years
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Inter Milan celebrate 115 years with a new logo and a special jersey

Inter Milan was originally named “Football Club Internazionale”. This reflects their multinational makeup, with players of different nationalities playing for the team. The founding members of Inter included Giorgio Muggiani, the first president of Inter Milan, and several Swiss, Italian, and Austrian players. The black and blue stripes make them different from their local rivals AC Milan, which wore red and black stripes. It also represents the night sky of Milan.
Since its founding, Inter have become one of the most successful football clubs in Italy. They have numerous domestic and European titles to their name. The Nerazzurri have also been home to many legendary players. Giuseppe Meazza, Sandro Mazzola, Ronaldo, Javier Zanetti, and many others

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